HR specialist to help Burma restructure health authority

HR development specialist is to fly to Burma
to teach the country’s health authority to manage change to enable the service
to become self-sufficient and improve healthcare.

Myles, staff development manager in the HR department at Thames
Valley University,
is to take part in government-level work on behalf of the World Health
Organisation (WHO).

her two-week stay, she will advise government ministers on the approach it
takes to implement new healthcare systems.

used to be a consultant working with the WHO. This trip continues previous work
she had done for the organisation.

will go to Rangoon
to meet with the deputy minister of health in the Department of Health’s
training school, and will  also visit township health
centres to evaluate current healthcare systems and management practice.

said: "My role is to teach the authorities how to lead and manage change.
This will help them to implement strategies and to be self-sufficient in
improving their healthcare systems.

WHO has already worked on programmes and recommendations. It only remains for
these to be communicated and implemented, and this is where I come in. It is a
real honour to help and the good management practice I teach will hopefully be
of benefit to the country."

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