HR still suffering effects of economic downturn

Demand for HR professionals remains sluggish as the economic slowdown
continues, according to research.

The 2002-2003 Market Survey report also reveals that a lack of confidence in
the economy and the need by some employers to cut costs and restructure to
compete have continued to depress the HR job market.

Telecommunications, management consulting, investment banking and
manufacturing are the areas worst affected by the current climate .

Michael Pickup, associate director for recruitment consultancy Beament
Leslie Thomas, which carried out the benchmark research, said: "In 2002, a
typical job search is more likely to involve increased competition, longer lead
times, jobs being put on hold and offers being rescinded."

However, the jobs position in the public sector is still fairly healthy, and
providing competitive salaries thanks to the Government’s ongoing modernisation

The study reveals that 55 per cent of respondents report that their
organisations had adopted flexible working policies.

The number of respondents receiving flexible benefits has increased by more
than 100 per cent during the past year and they now account for 10 per cent of
the sample.

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