HR Strategy for Competitive Advantage conference quotes

‘The strategic questions are the big and important questions. As a profession we haven’t been asking big enough questions.’
Paul Kearns, HR consultant, conference chair

‘Ethical doesn’t mean soft. We’ve had 10 years of year on year profits.’
Helen Sweeney, HR director, Co-operative Financial Services on making CSR work

‘A bit of TLC goes a hell of a long way in managing people.’
Denise Kingsmill, former chair of the Accounting for People Taskforce, on increasing productivity by making people feel valued

‘It’s all about being a business person first and an HR person second.’
Jane King, editor of Personnel Today on the strategic way of life

‘Sometimes it’s harder if HR directors are on the board because the danger is that you end up to complying to some extent. The real issue is: have you got the credibility to get executive attention?’
Linda Holbeche, director of research and strategy at Roffey Park Institute on executive seating arrangements

‘Differentiation is the only route to competitive advantage in the race to attract the best people’
Ralph Tribe, HR director of Getty Images, on the importance of employer branding

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