HR to advise on flexible hours law

Senior HR professionals have been asked to play a key role in the
Government’s new task force set up to examine the introduction of legislation
on flexible working practices (News 5 June).

Trade and Industry Secretary Patricia Hewitt revealed the nine members of
the task force last week and they include Fiona Cannon, head of equal
opportunities at Lloyds TSB, Mike Griffin, director of HR at Kings College
Hospital NHS Trust and Anne Minto, HR director at Smiths Group, and editorial
adviser of Personnel Today.

Sir George Bain, chairman of the new work and parents taskforce, told
Personnel Today it will be looking closely at existing flexible working
arrangements that are successful and don’t damage business. He said,
"Working parents have said what they want most is the ability to work

"It will be the role of the task force to examine how a right for such
parents to request to work flexible hours can be introduced, building on
existing best practice that is compatible with business efficiency."

The task force will report in mid-November.

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