HR will see benefit of ‘sacking rooms’

Guru hears of more holiday-related woe, this time from across the Atlantic. The Associated Press reports the case of Cindi Suarez, an administrative assistant at the Texas Lottery Commission.

Suarez had just returned from a holiday at Disney World when her bosses called her to a meeting. She knew it was trouble when the caller ID on her phone flashed ‘HR Conference Room’. Apparently, this is where the commission’s managers take employees to tell them their services are no longer required by the organisation.

Leaving the upsetting and shocking aspects of this case aside, Guru thinks the concept of a ‘sacking room’ is a fantastic idea.

It brings to mind convicts on death row walking the green mile to the electric chair. Perhaps to ease the journey to other side – or unemployment as it is commonly known – employees should get to choose a last meal in the staff canteen, or have one last cigarette in the smoking room.

Moral of this week’s Guru: don’t listen to Cliff Richard – you never know where it might lead.

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