HR’s changemanagement skills rank high

HR is one of the top disciplines requested by interim clients, and is valued
in the current economic climate for its change management role.

This is according to Praxis Interim Management, whose research shows the
number one discipline is finance, followed by HR and IT.

The survey also reveals experience and ‘speed of response’ are the two main
reasons companies turn to interims.

Other important reasons for choosing an interim manager are: the need to
utilise particular skills for a project, the ability to manage change, and the
need for objectivity.

Patrique Habboo, managing director of Praxis, said: "Interims seem to
provide a barometer of the economy. Last year HR was the most sought after
discipline, but now, with a weakening of the economy, finance-based positions
are most in demand and HR positions are geared more towards change management,
training and development."

Habboo added that an increasing number of clients are using interims and
their providers to fulfil a strategic role.

"Historically the main role of interims was in a business contingency –
to fill a position. We are increasingly working as business partners with our
clients, who see the use of interims as a strategic resource, not as a

"In the future, I think that more and more companies will have the
vision to use interims at a higher level, as befits their level of

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