HR’s reputation on the line

Robert Halton, board member, people, The College of Law

“To be strategic you need to demonstrate that you understand the drivers of the business and the role that your people play in building business success.

“As we move out of recession the organisations that will be best-placed to take advantage of the emerging opportunities will be those where their people are focused, motivated and aligned with the business – make this your focus.

“As Sir John Harvey Jones once said: ‘I wouldn’t invest in a business that didn’t invest in its people’ – it’s our job to get that message across. The people agenda remains business-critical, in good times and in bad.”

Jennifer Stacey, chief people officer, Ceridian

“For most organisations the worst is over, but further cuts in the banking sector indicate that some organisations have still not reached their optimum size or are not working to maximum efficiency.

“HR professionals have a key role to play here in outlining the business case for this type of activity, ensuring that it is carried out both in line with the company’s redundancy process and current legislation, and in maintaining productivity and engagement within the remaining workforce.

“This is a chance for HR to shine, through the introduction of more innovative and creative solutions that add real value to the bottom line.”

Jayne Billam, HR director, University of Lincoln

“HR needs to stay focussed on key strategic priorities, one of which must be to develop and look after talent.

“This is critical, as it will deliver success by retaining the energy, ambition, morale and motivation of key staff needed to protect the future of the business.

“HR shouldn’t lose sight of the need for investment, but needs to make sure this is wisely spent.”

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