HSE advises mobile gas heater checks

The HSE has issued a warning to users of mobile gas heaters following a
number of deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by faulty heaters.

Warning signs include:

– cracked or flaking cement around the ceramic panels at the front;

– damaged panels;

– panels which do not glow red when the fire has warmed up or which lose
their red colour;

– unusual purring or spluttering sounds when warmed up.

HSE’s head of gas safety policy Barry Watkinson advised anyone who thinks a
heater may be suspect to have it serviced immediately and to make sure that
there is always a way for fresh air to get into a room even if the heater is
working properly.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning to be aware of include tiredness,
drowsiness, headache, pains in the chest and stomach pains.

For more information contact the HSE gas safety advice line on 0800 300 363.

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