HSE develops stress management guidelines

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is developing new stress guidance for
employers, following a programme of research into prevention and

new HSE advice for managers is due to be released this Autumn and will be based
partially on the research report, which is published today, and the findings
from several pilot schemes currently in operation across the country.

of Excellence in Stress Prevention outlines the criteria for best practice in
stress prevention and was developed from a review of recent research and expert
opinion in this area.

HSE has identified several organisations that could be considered examples of
best practice in various aspects of stress prevention.

case studies in the report cover England, Scotland and Wales, and there is also
a section providing specific advice for small and medium sized companies.

Colin Mackay, principal psychologist in HSE’s Human Factors Unit said, “These
research projects have provided us with some excellent case studies in both
stress prevention and rehabilitation of employees following stress-related

feedback from employers dealing with stress is that while they are largely
confident that they are able to identify the main sources of stress within
their organisations, they find it difficult to know what interventions to put
in place to manage them," he added.

Personnel Today on 5 August for more detail on the pilot schemes or visit the
HSE website – www.hse.gov.uk

By Ross Wigham

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