I don’t want to be outsourced!

There is a rumour that our HR
activities will be outsourced within the next year and I presume we will all be
transferred under Tupe to the service company. I like working for my
organisation, and don’t really like the idea of working for an HR company. Should
I look for a new job now, or is working for an HR services company a good
career move?

Sheard, consultant, Chiumento Consulting Group, writes:

you enjoy working for your company, what specifically is it that you like?
Spend some time analysing your reasons. Is it that you genuinely enjoy working
there, or is it that you are wary of change?

to find out what it is that you would miss. If it is the feeling of belonging
to a wider organisation then HR specialisation may not be for you.

you make a decision find out as much as you can about what the role of the
outsourced department will be. It may be that by transferring you can keep the
links that you enjoy with your present company but also get some wider ranging,
or more up to date HR experience.

 In order to be sure, compare the work
experiences of friends and colleagues in the HR functions of other
organisations and benchmark against what is happening in the wider marketplace.
You will then be able to compare the likely experience of working for the
outsourced department against them.

process of gathering information will help you to see a pathway through and to
clarify what aspects of work you really do enjoy. This will give you information
to help you make the right career decision.

Malpas, joint managing director, Malpas Flexible Learning, writes:

from the number of organisations taking the outsourcing route you might think
HR services was a good bandwagon to jump on. I’m not convinced that companies
will outsource anything but the most routine admin function. If you aspire to a
career in strategic HR you could find those doors closed to you. Why not
enquire whether the more interesting and challenging aspects of HR are remaining
in your company and make your pitch now?

Daniels, director, Carr Lyons, writes:

is always wise to keep your options open and test the market if there is a hint
of uncertainty, especially if you do not know who you are likely to be
"tuped" to. Having said this, if you do know the identity of the
outsourcee, no doubt you will undertake your due diligence and act accordingly.
What you will also need to ascertain is how your HR duties are likely to be
affected given that the nature of the role itself will change.

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