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This week’s news in brief

Tesco talent hunt

Tesco has launched a nationwide recruitment drive for 600 managers. The
supermarket chain is after applicants from a variety of backgrounds, including
graduates and over-50s, with retail experience. Tesco, which promoted 800
employees last year, is urging internal candidates to apply. Store and section
manager positions are up for grabs because of Tesco’s current expansion.
Applicants can apply online.  www.Tesco.com/careers

CEO salaries up 5%

NHS chief executives received a 5.3 per cent pay increase for the year to 31
March 2001. The NHS Boardroom Pay Report 2002, which analysed 380 trust annual
reports, claims increases varied from 0 to 35 per cent. Including all
remuneration, the average chief executive annual salary is £89,000.  www.incomesdata.co.uk

Management pay gap

An EOC report reveals that while women now account for 30 per cent of
managers in Britain, they still earn 24 per cent less per hour than male
managers. Women and Men in Britain: Management, also shows men dominate in nine
of the 11 named managerial groups – exceptions being office, and health and
social services managers.

Ryanair flies high

Budget airline Ryanair is to create 3,000 jobs after ordering 100 new Boeing
737-800s in a £6.5bn deal. The new jobs include 800 new pilots, 2,000 cabin
crew and 400 engineers and operations staff. Delivery of the planes, which can
seat up to 189 passengers, will continue until 2010. Ryanair has an option for
50 more of the planes.  www.ryanair.com

Pensions off-target

Stakeholder pensions have failed to attract the low-income earners they were
designed for, according to Britain’s biggest insurer CGNU. It claims the
schemes launched last spring primarily attracted wealthy retired people looking
for a sound investment. This is instead of providing low-cost pensions for
people who would not otherwise put money aside for retirement.  www.cgnu.co.uk

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