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This week’s news in brief

Manufacturing slump

Demand for manufactured goods in the UK and abroad has weakened this year
with economic growth looking sluggish, according to the CBI. Its report on
August’s Industrial Trends Survey, shows that four out of 10 manufacturers
reported low orders. It polled over 1,200 manufacturing companies.  www.cbi.org.uk

Transparent pay bid

The average annual salary increase for employees in the manufacturing and
distribution sectors this year is 3.3 per cent – the same as last year. But,
according to research by HR consultancy William M Mercer, employees fear for
their jobs and want more pay transparency from their employers.  www.wmmercer.com

Women climb ladder

One-third of UK directors are women, according to a report by Equifax. Women
are also getting to the boardroom faster than men and now account for more than
half of all directors aged between 21 and 40. They are also taking more seats
in the traditionally male roles of software consultancy and property
management.  www.equifax.com

800 to go at Toshiba

Japanese electronics giant Toshiba is to shed 18,800 jobs worldwide due to
the slump in the global semiconductor market. A third of the company’s 21
manufacturing plants will close over the next two years and the restructuring
will cost the company nearly £700m.  www.toshiba.com

Unions boost services

Trade unions have introduced 48 new services for members, and plan to
introduce a further 25 over the next six months, claims a TUC survey released
today. The Trade Union Trends Survey shows that most are financial services and
include shopping discount schemes and insurance provision.  www.tuc.org.uk

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