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This week’s news in brief

Talking up IT

IT workers should be selected for their communications skills rather than
their technical prowess, according to joint research by Computer Weekly and IT
recruiters DP Connect. The report shows that 97 percent of IT professionals
believe that communications skills are essential, but few employers are
developing these skills.  www.cw360.com

Pensions pay speedy

Efforts to ensure that employers pay pension scheme contributions on time
appear to be succeeding, a report has revealed. Figures released by the
Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority show the number of companies making
late payments has fallen since it became a civil rather than criminal offence
in April last year.  www.opra.gov.uk/publications/reports

Senior execs’ pay up

British senior executives are the highest paid in Europe, a new survey by
business magazine Management Today reveals. The research finds that chief
executives in the UK now earn an average basic salary of £509,000 per year, a
rise of 29 per cent since 1999. UK HR directors earn over £55,000 it claims.

Age equality bill

A Private Members’ Bill to tackle age discrimination is being introduced by
Candy Atherton MP for Falmouth and Camborne. The bill would establish an Age
Equality Commission to monitor existing and future legislation and advise
business and voluntary sectors on issues relating to age discrimination. It
goes to a second reading in the House of Commons on 23 November.

Answer to e-mail?

Staff would be able save valuable working time if they had access to mobile
Internet technology to help them deal with e-mails while they are away from
their desks. Research by BT Cellnet shows that nearly a third of corporate
workers spend up to an hour answering e-mail backlogs after returning to the
office.  www.btcellnet.net

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