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This week’s news in brief

Staff not up to speed

Almost 18 million UK staff do not believe they made a significant
contribution to their role when they started their jobs, according to a Mori
survey commissioned by recruitment company newmonday and e-learning provider Futuremedia.
It is estimated that this is costing UK businesses £12bn each year in salaries
paid to staff who are not up to speed in their jobs.

UK leads in web visits

The UK leads both Europe and the US in visitors to e-commerce websites,
according to latest results from Internet monitoring company NetValue. The
eight countries included in the survey were the UK, France, Germany, Spain,
Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the US. Out of these, the UK had the highest
percentage of home Internet users visiting an e-commerce website in May.  www.netvalue.com

Disabled jobs lifeline

Jobability.com is a website aimed at promoting the employment of disabled
people. Run by disability charity Leonard Cheshire, online recruitment service
Totaljobs and Microsoft, the site advertises a wide variety of jobs by
employers who guarantee to interview any disabled person who applies and
fulfils the job specification.  www.jobability.com

Legal updates

The employment group of law firm Trowers & Hamlins has introduced an
online service, providing monthly briefings on employment law, new legislation
and current cases. It is designed to provide information on news and legal
issues facing HR professionals. The service costs £84.25 plus VAT annually
(maximum of two people per subscription). E-mail hrlaw@trowers
or call 020-7423 8000.

Stepstone steps into Scotland

Career portal Stepstone has launched StepStone Scotland to market local
career opportunities in Scotland from companies including The Bank of Scotland,
Prudential and Scottish Amicable. As well as being able to search by key words,
company names and categories, job-seekers can search by region, including
Grampian, Central Lothian, Strathclyde, Highlands and Islands, Borders,
Dumfries & Galloway, Tayside and Fife.  www.stepstone.co.uk

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