…in brief

This week’s news …in brief

Overseas aspirations

Forty per cent of UK executives would be willing to work overseas if given
the opportunity by their current employers, according to research by HR
outsourcing company Black Mountain. Of those willing to relocate, 74 per cent
want to get as far away from the UK as possible, with 27 per cent favouring US
hotspot New York, and 25 per cent opting for Sydney, Australia.  www.blackmountaingroup.com

Leadership centre

NHSU, the new corporate university for health and social care, has announced
that it will work with the NHS Leadership Centre to set up a school of
leadership, management and improvement within the university. The school will
bring together expertise in both teaching and research in leadership,
management and improvement.  www.nhsu.nhs.uk

HSBC in Philippines

Banking giant HSBC is to set up a call centre in The Philippines to handle
customer service and backroom operations for its UK customers. The bank will
initially hire 500 people for the operation, to be based on the outskirts of
Manila. The company already has service centres for UK customers in India,
Malaysia and China.  www.hsbc.com

Directors pay

The European Union (EU) should not legislate to impose a Europe-wide
‘one-size-fits-all’ restriction on directors’ remuneration, according to the
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). Responding to an
Internal Market Directorate General consultation document, the CIPD stressed
that national governments should be left to put in place a legislative framework.

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