Informed in Five: “The Trophy Life “

The Trophy Life
(profile of construction/property tycoon Donald Trump) by Daniel
Roth, Fortune (Europe Edition) 19 April 2004.


Donald Trump has a surprisingly hands-on approach to people

He phones employees to ask how business is at his many
construction sites, including asking questions like whether a certain kind of
sand has come in.

He walks the floor of his buildings asking doormen and other
junior staff how things are going, but if a uniform is out of place or a table
messy he demands it is taken care of.

He is astonishingly loyal to some staff, for example Greg
Cuneo who was a 27-year old project engineer on one of Trump’s construction
sites who asked to see Trump about a plan to set up his own company. Trump gave
him a series of contracts and made him a millionaire.

However, people who violate his loyalty see another side of
him. One employee who left his employment received a letter accusing him of
betrayal – and he never lets people who are disloyal work for him again.


take anything Trump says on face value and try to stay on the right side of

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