Initial meetings can be a kiss of death for career

First impressions can last a lifetime, so greeting a colleague or client for
the first time is a crucial part of starting a business relationship.

However, it seems many of us are still getting it wrong and ruining that all
important initial contact by proffering a bone-crushing handshake or an
over-familiar bear hug.

In research among 1,500 office workers, 80 per cent admitted seriously
misjudging the manner in which they greeted business contacts or other members
of staff. More than two-thirds said getting it wrong had caused them acute
embarrassment, while half admitted that it had affected professional

The poll, by recruitment firm Office Angels, found the most common gaffe was
attempting to give a continental style kiss when the other person leans in to
kiss just once.

Other faux pas included going for a handshake when the other person offers
their cheek, and misjudging a kiss and almost planting a ‘smacker’ on the lips.

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