Institute of Directors opposes changes to degree grading system recommended by Burgess Group

Employers have warned universities not to abandon the degree classification system.

The Institute of Directors spoke out after a report by think-tank the Burgess Group recommended replacing the grading system of 1st degrees, 2:1s, 2:2s and 3rds.

It said last week that the rankings should be replaced by a single document, known as the Higher Education Achievement Report.

This document, set to be piloted next year, will give a detailed breakdown of student attainment over their course. It could become the main way of classifying degrees within three years.

Mike Harris, head of education and skills policy at the Institute of Directors, said: “Many employers will welcome the prospect of receiving greater detail on students’ academic achievements, as the increasing proportion gaining top grades can make it difficult to differentiate between the best candidates.

“However, the determination ultimately to replace the current system remains clear. This would be a mistake. While not flawless, it is well understood by employers and is an important recruiting aid.”

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