Insufficient training has knock-on effect on productivity

employers greatly increase their IT productivity by providing access to the
necessary training, claims a survey.

study for Learning Tree International by IT weekly Computing shows that 88 per
cent of IT professionals believe access to the right training could increase
company productivity.

42 per cent said training was their top priority they felt they didn’t always
have access to the very training that would enable them to work more

all, 47 per cent had not received any technical training over the last 12

Chappell, managing director of the UK subsidiary of Learning Tree said:
"The survey highlights a growing concern on the part of IT professionals
that companies may not be making sufficient commitment to training. This, in
turn, means missing an opportunity to increase their productivity significantly
by investing in their employees’ needs, enabling them to reach their full

Watts, chief operating officer at e-skills UK, the industry representative body
responsible for addressing employees’ needs for IT and telecoms skills needs,
said: "Sustainable, strong growth across all sectors of the economy is
critically dependent on the IT professional skills of the UK workforce.

delivers real return on investment to businesses and can be easily accessible
without being a burden to employers. This report highlights the importance of
training to company productivity."

By Quentin Reade

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