Insurance firm offers staff stress training

City insurance firm Markel is offering training to help its workforce
recognise the symptoms of stress in themselves and others.

The training, which began in June, is web-based for easier accessibility to
its 460 UK staff.

It is divided into modules and suggests a range of techniques and tools to help
deal with stress. Staff are tested at the end of each section to ensure they
understand what they have learned.

The training focuses on things such as the need for regular breaks and open
communication between colleagues and managers about workloads and deadlines.

The finance sector has traditionally had a ‘stiff upper lip’ approach to
stress, offering employees huge financial rewards but demanding long hours,
under high pressure, with the possibility of burning out.

But attitudes are changing. At Markel, the online course has been placed on
a separate part of the company’s intranet, giving staff access to it at any

Ella Gosling, Markel recruitment and training specialist, said:
"Feedback has been very good. People say the suggestions have helped and
that it has been really good for raising awareness."

Markel plans to hold focus groups to assess what effect the training has

The system was developed specifically for Markel at a cost of £5,000 by
Marshall ACM.

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