IT sales staff feeling the pinch

IT sales staff are becoming so disillusioned with the sector that nearly a
quarter admit they regret starting a career in sales.

poll of young sales staff shows that as many as 40 per cent of respondents said
their current career was not living up to expectations.

research, gathered from 300 sales staff, highlights a profession with rising
stress levels, long hours and poor work life balance – so much so that 70 per
cent feel the It sector is becoming a more stressful place to work.

82 per cent claimed to be working more that 40 hours a week, while 58 per cent
said they worked more than 44 hours.

Luton, head of the IT division at consultancy CD Sales Recruitment said the
market had crashed after huge growth and current opportunities were only
available to those with real ambition and ability.

By Ross Wigham

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