‘It’s good to talk’ as Royal Mail averts strike action

The Royal Mail’s chief executive Adam Crozier believes that postal workers’
decision not to strike over a disputed pay offer was achieved through talking
and listening to employees about their concerns.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) had predicted a massive vote in favour
of strike action, but less than a third of its 160,000 Royal Mail members voted
for a walkout.

Members voted by 48,038 to 46,391 against action, with a voting turnout of
59 per cent.

The ballot was held over a disputed pay offer which the Royal Mail claims is
worth 14.5 per cent over 18 months. But the CWU says it only amounts to a rise
of 4.5 per cent, with the rest tied to productivity improvements.

Crozier said the vote came about after management had extensively consulted
with staff over the recent months.

"It is very good news for all of our people and for the future of the
company," he said.

The CWU released a statement saying the Royal Mail could not view a majority
of less than 1 per cent as a mandate for massive job losses across the

It also warned that postal workers in London had a clear mandate for strike
action, after staff in the capital voted 11,417 to 4,316 in favour of a strike.

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