Jaguar postponement is a ‘major blow’

Transport and General Workers’ Union says Jaguar’s postponement of new F-type
is major blow to manufacturing in the West Midlands.

has been reported that Ford-owned Jaguar has postponed the development and
production of its F-type model, an aluminium-based sports car.

Woodley, T&G chief negotiator for the car industry, said he felt sure the
news was another example of Ford’s cost-cutting programmes hitting the UK and

said: "Jaguar’s postponement of the F-type, while not costing jobs
immediately, is, nonetheless, a major blow. The new investment for a new model
would have preserved if not created jobs at one of the two Jaguar West Midlands

are now seeking a meeting with Jaguar with some urgency so we can find out when
it intends to proceed.

postponement, in my view, epitomises the effects of Ford’s financial cuts. As
the company continues a programme of cutbacks in the USA, it is the UK and
Europe and now Jaguar which continues to feel the brunt."

By Quentin Reade

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