Jargon-filled CVs could cost applicants chance of a job

job cuts, red tape and union militancy, the thing that really gets HR angry is
buzzwords in CVs.

out of 10 of the 500 HR managers polled by jobsite Fish4Jobs, said that
buzzwords and phrases including ‘gameplan’ and ‘thinking outside the box’ are
more annoying than unexplained career gaps and CVs more than two pages long.

Devitt, Fish4Jobs director, said: "When applying for a job candidates
should use phrases that are specific to describing relevant skills and
achievements, rather than generic terms which sound impressive but mean nothing.

you are a team player is largely meaningless. If you want to show an employer
you work well as part of a team, it is best to do so by providing details of
the sorts of work you have done in previous jobs."

presentation is cited by 78 per cent as a major CV irritant, while poor quality
paper and irrelevant hobbies are mentioned by 15 and 10 per cent respectively.

pet CV hates

Poor presentation 78 per cent

Use of jargon 71 per cent

Career gaps of more than a few months 38 per cent

CVs over 2 pages 33 per cent

Paper quaility 15 per cent

Irrelevant hobbies 10 per cent

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