Jobseekers increasingly reliant on online

are becoming increasingly reliant on online recruitment, according to new

per cent of jobseekers now consider the internet to be simplest way to source
new job opportunities, 84 per cent say the internet is the easiest way to apply
for jobs, and 55 per cent believe the internet is the best route to landing a
position. These are the statistics according to research by internet
recruitment service,

research finds people are now more reluctant to use newspapers to find new
employment. Only 13 per cent thought newspapers were the easiest medium through
which to look for jobs.

managing director, Keith Potts said: “Jobseekers are maturing with the

more internet-savvy professionals enter the jobs market and experience the
benefits of online recruitment, these methods will gradually become their first
choice route to progression in the jobs market."

By Quentin Reade

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