Jobshare venture launches via the Internet

on-line jobshare agency has been launched which could enable HR managers to
find jobshare partners via the Web.,
set up by Resource Connections, is targeting senior HR and marketing
professionals. If successful, it will be extended to senior finance roles.

Winch, training and development manager for UK brewery Interbrew, said,
"It is a good idea. Employers who believe that jobshares aren’t workable
are still thinking in industrial paradigms. If you have the right partnership, there
is no reason why a jobshare can’t work."

research by the Industrial Society suggests 70 per cent of senior executives in
jobshares are 30 per cent more productive than a single person doing the same

Savage, managing director of, estimates that 34,000
applicants will visit the site. She said, "It will benefit employers
because it will save on recruitment costs."

John Knell, senior research director at the Industrial Society, said,
"Flexible working will be-come the norm in British business, and
initiatives such as will add value to business derived both
from negotiating individual flexible contracts and from finding an effective
jobshare partner."

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