Jumpstart Your Career

Authors: Philippa Lam and Nigel Cassidy
Price: £9.99
Publisher: BBC Active
Pages: 189
ISBN: 0563520027

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As someone who is often on the brink of a career, job or life change, I have read several books in a similar vein to this one, and I am pleased to say that this book stands up well in comparison to others I have read.

It’s a helpful guide, which starts off by getting the reader to consider whether it is the right time to make a move, looks at what you have to offer and makes suggestions in respect of where appropriate opportunities may be found. It also looks at some practical skills such as CV writing and interview technique.

Given that sustaining motivation during a job search is notoriously difficult, the book would have been brought to life by some real-life success stories and perhaps by using a more upbeat style. However, the book is set out and written in simple prose, and is easy to read.

There were a couple of elements that struck me as particularly useful – information about the current job market, and the type of roles that are ‘on the up’ that are likely to provide future opportunities. Also, there are details of a large number of useful websites peppered throughout the book – these are summarised in an appendix at the back.

If you feel that particular aspects of your job search require more in-depth guidance, there are books on the market that would provide this. For everyone though, this book is a great starting point and, for many, will cover everything you need to know.

Useful? Four out of five stars
Well written? Four out of five stars
Practical? Four out of five stars
Inspirational? Three out of five stars
Value for money? Four out of five stars
Overall? Four out of five stars

Reviewed by Corinne Goddard, capability and competency manager, change management division, Co-operative Financial Services


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