Junior doctors in revolt over training reforms

rush to reform medical training has created confusion among medical students,
according to the leader of the UK’s junior doctors.

the British Medical Association’s (BMA) annual junior doctors’ conference in
London, Simon Eccles pledged to support medical students who decide to boycott
new training programmes because they have inadequate information.

the Government’s ‘Modernising Medical Careers’ plans, from August 2005 the
first two years of junior doctor training are to be replaced with a ‘foundation

the BMA fears there is too little information about the content of the second
year of the programmes, or how doctors’ skills will be assessed.

said the reforms meant medical students were being expected to apply for their
first jobs without knowing what they’ll be learning, whether or not their
experience will count towards their future training, what they will be paid, or
where they will be based. 

BMA will support anyone who wishes to boycott an undefined part of their
foundation programme," he said.

By Michael Millar

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