Keep pace with international debate

The second issue of a high level international forum for the analysis and
debate of a wide range of OH and safety issues is now available in both hard
copy and online.

Policy and Practice in Health and Safety (PPHS) is a biannual journal from
IOSH, aimed at those who practice, tutor, research or study health and safety
regulation and management.

The journal is edited by Professor David Walters of Cardiff University, and
has an editorial board that reflects worldwide academic and scientific
authority on health and safety and the working environment. PPHS addresses
practical workplace health and safety issues as well as the social, economic
and political policies that shape work.

The current issue of PPHS contains a number of articles that will
undoubtedly interest those in the field of OH. The contents are:

– International convergence and contrast: a rich seam for both policy-makers
and practitioners in occupational safety and health – David Walters

– Wellbeing at work: an issue whose legislative time has come? – Philip

– ‘Playing it smart’ with return to work: workplace experience under
Ontario’s policy of self-reliance and early return – Joan M Eakin, Ellen
MacEachen and Judy Clarke

– A structured approach to the evaluation of workplace chemical health risks
– Chris Money, Christ de Rooij, Francois Floc’h, Sylvia Jacobi, Patricia
Koundakijian, Sonja Lanz, Michael Penman, Carlos Rodriguez and Gauke Veenstra

– Occupational safety and health management systems in Australia: barriers
to success – Clare Gallagher, Elsa Underhill and Malcolm Rimmer

– The biology of occupational diseases and the pace of prevention: an
historical study of UK control measures – Tim Carter

– The private policing of injured workers in Canada: legitimate management
practices or human rights violations? – Katherine Lippel

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