Kennedy strengthens links between Lib Dems and TUC

Kennedy has told the TUC conference he was "a lifelong believer in trade
unionism" and said "constructive dialogue" between the Liberal
Democrats and unions was important.

his speech to delegates in Blackpool yesterday (Thursday) Kennedy became the
first non-Labour political leader to address the Trades Union Congress.

said a "significant proportion" of union members now regularly voted
Lib Dem and said there was a "emerging consensus" between the party
and unions.

told the conference: "I believe that the momentum of public opinion is swinging
towards both of us –  Liberal Democrats
and trade unionists alike."

on Kennedy’s address, TUC general secretary John Monks said: "He hit
exactly the right note. "Trade unions need allies across the political
spectrum, and there are many issues where unions and Liberal Democrats can work
together – particularly our shared support for European values.

do not have to agree on everything to have mutual respect for each other.’

By Quentin Reade

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