Kick back, relax and let creativity and success flow

staff put their feet on the desk could ensure the future success or survival of
a business.

to creativity consultancy, [email protected], your most profound ideas emerge
while your mind is on something completely different and 60 seconds of
day-dreaming could lead to great ideas.

Green of [email protected] said: "A simple technique of letting people put
their feet on desks enables them to let go of inhibitions, and get into a
dream-like mood, where new thoughts and ideas will waft across their

call to encourage workplace cogitation is made in the run up to the first
nationwide Share Ideas Day on 12 September, amid fears that too many UK
organisations are failing to stimulate creativity at the workplace.

signs for uncreative workplaces spotted by organisers of Share Ideas Day

Nose to the grindstone: where people feel they have no time, or believe they
are under too much pressure to try anything new

No feedback: where customers and staff are rarely asked, ‘How could we do this

Output overkill: where work is defined and driven by narrow targets so people
lose sight of the bigger picture

Prisoners of scripts: where organisations make people scrupulously stick to a

By Michael Millar

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