Lack of progress makes public sector workers hungry for more

third of UK public sector workers are bored most of the time, and a similar
number plan to move jobs within the next 12 months, new research reveals.

poll of 481 public sector employees, by HR consultants DDI, aimed to establish
levels of employee commitment as the recession gradually gives way.

survey found that one in five public sector employees express little or no
commitment to their employer, 20 per cent don’t get on with their boss, and one
in 10 believe their boss would welcome their resignation. And a third of
respondents to the survey said they find their job so easy they can do it
‘standing on their head’.

painting a negative picture of commitment levels, the research shows why
employees are tempted to walk – with slow career progress, a lack of
development opportunities, and poor or non-existent feedback on their
performance, topping the list of concerns.

Newhall, UK managing director of DDI, said: “Our respondents suggest they’re
hungry for more challenging work and opportunities to develop new skills.
Helping them achieve this will increase loyalty and help organisations meet
tough productivity targets.”

By Quentin Reade

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