Lack of resources pushes corporate learning outside

corporate learning is being outsourced, according to a study.

report shows external providers are being used in this area because of a lack
of in-house resources, volume of work and credibility and knowledge.

senior HR professionals  from firms such
as AstraZeneca, Vodafone, Iceland Foods and Bupa were interviewed. The survey
was carried out by Brathay, in partnership with Lancaster University Management
School and Personnel Today.

of the organisations surveyed have no rules or policies concerning the
selection of a provider of corporate learning, but many are seeking to
introduce a preferred supplier list.

respondents believe business benefits have been achieved due to investing in
corporate learning and most had formal evaluation measures in place. Those that
had not, realised that they should, claims the report.

the respondents claim that they either have or are developing an intranet. 

research also shows that top-level board members, not HR directors, are more
likely to start culture change initiatives to improve learning. Only chief
executives or managing directors took decisions about company-wide initiatives.
HR managers are more likely to be in charge of decision-making for
management-development initiatives.

in all cases and all levels, HR was involved in the decision about who was to
be learning and development provider.

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