Lawyer urges HR to ensure compliance with data legislation

professionals attending the CIPD’s HR Software Show will be urged to review
information policies to make sure they comply with the Data Protection Act’s
codes of practice.

to speak on Wednesday, Olga Aikin, senior partner at law firm Aikin Driver
Partnership, said it is vital to have clear policies on the use of employee
data following the release earlier this year of the first part of the Data
Protection Act Code of Practice on Recruitment and Selection.

code highlights the need for transparency and getting consent from individuals
to use their personal data," she said.

is likely to have a significant impact on the recruitment and selection
process. The code clearly states that candidates have the right to see
interview notes. Many employers have not been fully aware of this".

will explain to delegates how open and covert monitoring of criminal activity
will be included in the monitoring section of the code of practice released
later this year.

all else, transparency is the key," she said. "Employees must be one
hundred per cent clear on what is and is not acceptable. Employers need to take
a common-sense approach."

By Paul Nelson

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