Lennox Lewis heads drive for black and Asian police officers

Boxer Lennox Lewis is spearheading a new police recruitment
drive amid concerns that some forces are failing to hire enough black and Asian

The choice of the former heavyweight boxer reflects fears
that some police forces will not meet targets on ethnic minority recruitment
set by Jack Straw as Home Secretary last year.

Under Home Office targets, ethnic minority officers should
make up 3 per cent of the police service by 2002, rising to seven per cent in

The advertisements, designed to showcase the ‘caring’ face
of the force, depict a man beating his wife. Lewis is then seen admitting that
he does not know if he can keep his cool if he had to confront a couple in this

The campaign will be screened in cinemas showing ‘Bollywood’
films, targeting an Asian audience. 
Women will also be singled out for recruitment with posters placed in
women’s toilets and gyms.


Karen Higginbottom


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