Line managers should help HR fill vacancies

believe line managers should have a much bigger input into recruiting staff, a
survey has revealed.

conducted by recruitment consultancy Badenoch & Clark revealed that 64 per cent
of employers agree that although HR departments control the majority of
recruitment, line managers should take more re- sponsibility for hiring their
own staff.

survey of more than 2,000 managers also shows 70 per cent of businesses use
agencies to recruit their staff and agree that it is more efficient and cost
effective than direct advertising.

total of 30 per cent of respondents said their HR departments always controlled
temporary staff recruitment, 36 per cent revealed HR was mostly responsible and
20 per cent said that their HR departments were never responsible for
recruitment of temporary staff.

Coomber, head of internal recruitment at Badenoch & Clark, said line
managers and HR departments should work more closely together in the recruitment
of staff.

is not a question of cutting out the middle man – it is more a question of how
the HR and line managers communicate their requirements with each other,” she

line manager has his operational function as his top priority. An HR recruiter
thinks more broadly and puts company culture into the mixing pot.

their involvement, the line manager should be able to recruit the necessary
skill set for the operational role, but also benefit from the right cultural
fit for the organisation which can prove enormously valuable in the longer

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