Local government workers offered pay deal of 1.25%

Local councils have made a “final” pay offer to 1.6 million workers in an effort to break deadlocked talks, according to BBC online.

The new offer is for a 1.25% rise for the lowest-paid workers, who earn up to £13,700, and 1% for other employees.

Librarians, social workers, refuse collectors and care staff in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are among the staff covered by the deal.

Union leaders will meet next week to discuss the new offer by the Local Government Association (LGA).

The LGA’s original offer of 0.5% was rejected after unions claimed many councils had already budgeted for a bigger rise.

Heather Wakefield, head of trade union Unison, said: “While we believe that our members are worth more, we are pleased that the employers have realised that 0.5% was an insult.”

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