London Mayor sets up racism inquiry at Met Police

London mayor Boris Johnson is to set up an inquiry into racism claims at the Metropolitan Police Force, according to reports.

Teh move came after the Met Black Police Association (Met BPA) announced plans to “actively discourage” young black and Asian people from joining the force.

The Met BPA said the force had “made the working environment for its existing black staff a hostile atmosphere where racism is allowed to spread and those who challenge it are either suspended, told to shut up or subtly held back in relation to career development”.

Last month, Britain’s most senior Asian police officer, assistant commissioner Tarique Ghaffur, claimed he was being victimised for making a complaint about race discrimination against the Met Police, when the force’s then commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, relieved him of his duties.

Blair himself resigned last week, blaming a break down in his relationship with Johnson.

Cindy Butts, a deputy chairwoman of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), will head the mayor’s inquiry.

Tonight, the UK’s most senior black policeman will broadcast on the BBC’s Panorama programme saying that racism is widespread across the police force.

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