London Underground staff set date for one-day walkout

8,000 union members at London Underground and the Tube infrastructure companies
are to strike on 10 June in their dispute over pay and conditions.

of the RMT union are demanding a substantial pay rise, and a 32-hour, four-day
week. They are also calling for paid meals and a minimum starting salary of
£22,000 (from the current level of £19,000 for station assistants).

total of votes cast in favour of strike action was 2,614, with 643 against.

Underground and the infrastructure companies have been dragging their feet for
long enough, and our Tube members have run out of patience," RMT general
secretary Bob Crow said today.

course, the employers can still avoid industrial action, but they need to get
around the table with us as a matter of urgency and negotiate seriously,"
he said.

Michael Millar



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