Londoners are unhappiest employees in the UK

Londoners are the unhappiest in their jobs of all UK inhabitants, new research has indicated.

A survey of more than 1,600 workers by recruitment-agency rating firm, found that 74% of staff in the capital think about trying to find a new job every day.

Workers in the rural South West are the happiest in their work, with only 11% saying they are unhappy enough to daydream about alternative employment on a daily basis.

Lisette Howlett MD at Hirescores said: “Despite its pockets of wealthy areas and high-paying jobs, it looks as though London is a place where the majority of workers are actually unhappy with their current employment.

“This may be due to a combination of factors such as the high cost of living, potentially poor work-life balance, and current uncertainty about jobs due to the sudden financial downturn.”

Full league table of unhappy employees

  1. London – 74%

  2. South East – 69%

  3. Northern Ireland – 51%

  4. North East – 48%

  5. Midlands – 36%

  6. Wales – 32%

  7. North West – 27%

  8. Scotland – 18%

  9. South West – 11%

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