Londoners most productive workers in the UK

The Office for National Statistics found residents in the wealthy London area were the most economically productive members of the population.

Such residents produced a gross value added (GVA) per head of population of £66,700 in 2002. By contrast, Anglesey residents produced £8,100. The UK average is £15,300.

Region-by-region, London and the south east led the way – producing £170m and £134m for the economy respectively – with the north west in third place at £92m.

The figures, although two years old, appear to back up the image of the capital as a bustling metropolis with a dynamic economy.

However, the picture does vary widely as London was also the area with the widest variation of employment rates between regions. It contains areas where current jobless figures are much higher than the UK average of 4.7 per cent.

Tower Hamlets has the worst unemployment rate in the area, followed by Hackney, Haringey and Newham.

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