LU safeguards staff facing tube rage

Underground has launched a fresh package of measures to protect its staff from
a rising tide of abuse and violent attacks by passengers.

number of incidents against staff has risen by more than a half over the past
five years and the latest government figures show that 36 per cent of all
attacks on rail staff took place on the tube.

new measures include more police on the system, increased undercover
operations, better surveillance and improved training for front-line staff.

Transport Police Inspector Paul Wilson stressed that tube rage will no longer
be tolerated.

is unacceptable. The victims are only trying to do their jobs under difficult
circumstances. They are not targets and we are here to ensure that they will
not be picked on," he said.

will also be made aware of the scheme through a series of new posters at
stations which are part of an on-going anti-violence campaign.

for LU are also looking into the possibility of permanently banning violent
passengers from the network.

By Ross Wigham

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