Mail deal delivered

A pay and conditions package that will change the working culture of the
Royal Mail and has taken almost 10 years to be negotiated has just scraped
through a ballot of union members.

The deal, which will cost the Post Office £80m, will increase basic pay but
slash the availability of overtime, which many staff resent. It will also see
the introduction of flexible working practices. Pensionable basic weekly pay
will be increased from £201 to £243 from this month.

A record 100,000 members of the Communication Workers Union voted in the
ballot, which closed on 10 February. The vote was won with a 2 per cent margin
– 51 per cent in favour, 49 per cent against.

The Royal Mail said the deal hails the biggest change in working practices
for 50 years and will allow it to be more competitive.

"There are already at least six foreign post offices operating in the
UK," said the Royal Mail.

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