Managers give reactive HR the thumbs down

A huge proportion of managers view their HR function in a negative light,
with the majority describing it as ‘reactive’, according to research.

Of 372 managers surveyed for the Management Agenda 2003, 62 per cent class
their HR department as reactive. A total of 41 per cent feel HR lacks
credibility, and 40 per cent consider it to have little influence within their
organisations as a whole.

Respondents from the public sector (75 per cent), education (73 per cent),
and the voluntary sector (71 per cent) made up the majority that felt HR was a
reactive function.

However, the survey also shows that in a small number of organisations, HR
is highly valued. Twenty-five per cent of the sample believe the function adds
value to the business, and a further 25 per cent believe it is proactive.

Only 5.9 per cent of the managers questioned felt HR was too powerful.

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