Managers pass their stress on to staff

Stressed managers pass their anxieties on to their staff
according to research.

A study for Video Arts finds that 76 per cent of UK workers
believe their bosses’ inability to deal effectively with their own stress
causes more stress to the people around them.

More than seven out of ten respondents find being criticised
in front of colleagues extremely stressful and a similar proportion are
frustrated by unnecessary meetings that waste their time.

Just under 70 per cent of the 600 employees questioned in
the survey feel that not being listened to by their managers is also a cause of
anxiety and uncertainty.

Martin Addison, from Video Arts which commissioned the
survey, said, "Managers constantly claim that their employees are their
single most valuable asset.

"Yet what they consistently fail to recognise is that
their behaviour directly impacts upon the people around them – for better or

"Usually, what it comes down to is a lack of experience
and know-how. Often, the case is that managers simply don’t manage -they

By Ben Willmott

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