Managers would give up benefits for better work space

half of UK managers would sacrifice benefits – including £1,000 of their
salary, their company car, private medical insurance or one week’s annual leave
– for a better workplace.

Research reveals 45 per cent of managers would consider moving to a competitor
to get a better working environment.

than a quarter of those surveyed said they would be ashamed to bring clients
into their workplace.

all managers dislike hot-desking – 92 per cent prefer the security of their own
designated work space.

than half of the 600 managers polled would rather have a thinking space away
from their desk than social facilities such as a bar, restaurant or shopping
area. Currently, only a fifth of workers have a designated thinking space.

study, for Management Today, finds that public sector managers are more likely
to have facilities such as a gym or shower than their private sector

are also more likely to be able to rearrange their local work environment and
benefit from flexible work practices.

is also more willingness to change jobs or trade annual leave for a better
workspace than among private-sector managers.

By Ben Willmott

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