Managing Talented People

This book is a self-help guide for the daunting task of managing talented individuals. It is an invigorating and rewarding read for those curious about human differences and how they can be managed to achieve results and, ultimately, competitive advantage.

Managing Talented People
By Alan Robertson and Graham Abbey
Pages: 224 Price: £16.99 ISBN 1843040247 Reviewed by Alison Norris
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It is an important read for those whose work involves organisational performance and achieving results by maximising potential from employees. We can manage our people and talent only when we understand what drives, motivates and satisfies them. This book continually challenges and probes the reader to think about what talent is, who is talented and why. It forces the reader to question preconceptions and does so with compelling force.

This book offers interesting opportunities and exercises for self-assessment and analysis of tried and tested methods. The authors cleverly use case studies to encourage us to learn from the most common pitfalls, while at the same time illustrating the ingredients of success.

There is ample material provided, and it draws upon various fields of expertise and industry sectors. How to master skills and techniques to get the best out of talented people and, more importantly, keep them motivated, are realistically presented.

The book is divided into two main parts. First, it encourages understanding of what the main challenges of managing talented individuals are, followed by an action plan and step-by-step techniques to help you do it.

Managers from all disciplines could benefit from the straight-forward approach and practical guidance offered by the book. Logical and convincingly written and presented, it is a revealing and thought-provoking read.

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Alison Woods is a resource analyst at research and engineering company, SAIC

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