Market evaluation

Learn more about types of payroll software in this section, the options you face in hosting and paying for your new system, and learn from others.

Your A-to-Z guide to payroll software
When we talk about ‘payroll software’ we’re actually talking about a range of tools, platforms and applications that can automate, improve and manage the payroll function. To help you understand the jargon, we provide an HR software A-to-Z.

Payroll software suppliers in the UK 
Choosing the right payroll software package can be a complicated task. We look at what may suit you best depending on the size of your organisation, and list the UK’s best-known suppliers.

HR and payroll software – is it worth having an integrated system? 
It’s one of the trickiest choices in the procurement of a new payroll system. Is it better to buy integrated HR and payroll software, or opt for a standalone payroll package which is then integrated with your existing systems.

Payroll self-service 
How much time do you spend processing routine requests, like holidays, expense reports and changes of address? Payroll self-service cuts out all of that admin, freeing up your time to add value elsewhere. 



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