Mendacity tops list of jobseeker attributes

out of five job applicants have lied on their CV to get a job, according to a
new survey.

research by financial recruitment firm Portfolio Payroll and employment lawyers
Peninsula, also found that three out of four of us have lied during a job interview.

half of employees admitted to lying to get their present job, while more than
two-thirds had asked a friend to act as a referee on their CV.

Done, managing director of Portfolio Payroll, said that while people lied on
CVs, the truth tended to shine through in interviews.

recommended that businesses employ a recruitment team to scrutinise job
applicants to avoid these hiring mistakes.

part of CVs that most susceptible to white lies are:

Qualifications (31 per cent)

Skills (23 per cent)

Experience (22 per cent)

Referees (16 per cent)

Previous Salary (8 per cent)

By Mike Millar

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