Men’s salaries outstrip women in the HR sector

Men are steaming ahead of women in terms of relative salaries in the HR
sector – even where they are in identical posts.

A survey of 760 professionals in HR and payroll by Pay Magazine shows that
while 42 per cent of male HR directors earn more than £50,000 a year, just 8
per cent of their female equivalents earn a comparable amount.

The Personnel and Payroll Salary Survey 2002 reveals that just under
three-quarters of women in HR (74 per cent) earn less than £30,000, compared
with 48 per cent of men.

The higher the salary, the wider the pay gap between the sexes. While 32 per
cent of men earn more than £35,000, just 13.5 per cent of women earn as much,
and upwards of £50,000 the figure for women is only 1.7 per cent compared with
5.6 per cent for men.

At the bottom of the scale, the proportion of women earning lower amounts
than their male counterparts is just as striking. While 10 per cent of male
payroll officers with no management responsibility earn £15,000-£20,000 a year,
34 per cent of women in the same post earn as little.

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